The wonderful Musician

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Product Description

The wonderful musician bedtime story is about a man who wanders through a forest looking for a companion. And what he comes across at every stage is strange and shocking.

A young musician enters a large forest playing his fiddle. He soon got bored and started looking for a friend. It wasn’t too long before a lone wolf came by and asked him to teach the music, the terrified musician cleverly trapped him in an oak tree.

Read the story to find how the musician ditched other dangerous beasts and who did he finally found as a worthy companion? The wonderful musician free app is readily available for download from Bulbul apps. The free bedtime story app is interactive and seamlessly animated with colorful graphics and engaging narrative style your children would love.

Read the wonderful musician bedtime story in English. Bulbul is bringing more kid story apps, fairy tales and folklores in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and other local languages to help the kids understand and enjoy the storytelling like never before.

Our entire collection of kids apps is free to download on Android and iOS platforms. In case you experience any trouble with the App or have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime: We´d love to help you out. Please also mention your device version.


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