The Wild Swans

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A widowed king remarries a queen but she is jealous of his love for his children..Read More From our App.The Wild Swans is now available in English,Telugu and Hindi. Our Apps are available in IOS and Google play store.

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In a far away kingdom, a widowed king happily lived with his 11 sons and a beautiful daughter. One day the king got married to an evil queen, who was a witch. Out of spite for King’s love for his children, the witch turned the sons into wild swans and banished the princess from the kingdom.The Swans flew away into the woods, and the poor princess is left in a peasant’s hut. But their plight did not last forever, the princess soon turned the swans into her loving brothers, and they happily lived ever after.

How did the little princess change the swans as her brothers? To know more on that, download the Wild Swans bedtime story for free and read the entire fairy tale.

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