The Ugly Duckling

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Product Description

An odd looking duckling was unwanted and abandoned from the swamp. He went on to find himself. On his way, he came across hostile incidents, mocking and rejecting the ugly duckling. There was a cat that blamed the duckling for his taste and a dog that complained his weird smell. The sad duckling walked and walked until he found a lake where beautiful swans are living. And what happens there is truly wonderful.

Find out how the ugly duckling transformed into a beautiful swan. The story of ugly duckling teaches kids to find themselves no matter what others talk about them. The moral story app is one among many other moral stories for kids on Bulbul apps.

Bulbul apps have a vast collection of interactive bedtime stories for kids from diverse genres. Feel free to browse across the fairytales, rhymes, fables and mythological story apps from our collection. Every app is loaded with interactive features that animate at the touch of a finger.

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