The Lion and the Mouse

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Product Description

The classic kids story lion and mouse is a tale about the eternal friendship between a cute little mouse Rupert and the king of the jungle.

On a busy day, Rupert mouse was frightened by the tremendous roar of a lion. When the roaring and yelling went for a long time, Rupert moved out to see what went wrong. He was shocked to find the king of the jungle caught in the hunter’s trap. He quickly gnawed the ropes and set the lion free. The humble king lion was greatly indebted to the rat and promised him eternal friendship.

The lion and the mouse is one of the few fables that stood the test of time. Besides the cute mouse and the mighty lion characters, the story teaches values and morals about equality and eternal friendship no matter how big or small one can be. You can download the lion and the mouse app for free from our fable collection.

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