The Golden Goose

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Product Description

The golden goose bedtime story is about Simpleton, a woodcutter boy and a princess who never laughed. Out of his good deeds, Simpleton met with a fortune when an old man in the Forest gifts him a Golden Goose. His life changed out of the blue, and he was fortunate to make the boring princess burst out in laugh. The King saw her daughter laughing and gets her married with Simpleton.

Want to know how Simpleton made the princess laugh out loud? To find out more on that and how the goose changed his life; download our free golden goose kids story from Bulbul kids app.

The story is not just a funny, tickling fairy tale. It talks about morals and teaches to be kind and helpful with others who need help. Simpleton helped the lone hungry old man in the forest, and in return, the old man presents him a fortune that changed his life forever.

Bulbul apps have an extensive collection of moral stories and kids rhymes; your kids will love to listen. All our story books are made interactive with colorful and attractive animations by some of the best artists around the world.

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