The Frog Prince

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Product Description

In a faraway kingdom, there lived a beautiful princess. She ate on a golden plate, slept in a golden bed and played with a golden ball. One day the ball bounced into a well and a talking ugly frog helped her for promising to be his friend. From the day onwards, they ate together in the golden plate and played with the ball, but when the frog wanted to sleep on the golden bed, the begrudging princess threw him away; only to see a miracle happen.

Read on The frog prince app to know what happened to the weird frog and how the beautiful princess met the charming prince she always wanted to marry.

The classic fairytale the frog prince is free to download on Bulbul apps. Browse our vast collection of animated princess stories for kids. We coupled the apps with interactive touch features added with hidden animations that come as a surprise.

Read the kids bedtime story The frog prince in English. Bulbul apps is steadily trying to enhance its storytelling experience by introducing the world of kids stories, fairy tales and children rhymes in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and other local languages. Keep in touch with us to check our daily updates.


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