The Forest and the Woodcutter

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Product Description

There was a mighty woodcutter with a huge axe, who can cut down a whole forest in no time. The trees are scared of his food steps, and animals in the forest ran away when he walks in with the axe. One day, he broke his axe and there was no one on the entire land who can mend it. The poor woodcutter begs the Queen of trees to help him with a branch. When he receives the branch from the queen, he fixes his axe and cuts down the same tree with his axe.

The forest and the woodcutter is an animated bedtime story that talks about moral values kids should learn. In this story, the evil woodcutter takes help from the trees and cut them down in return. It bears out the view that helping a wrong person can be dangerous for your own good.

You can download the forest and the woodcutter story app for iOS and Android phones from Bulbul apps. We have an excellent collection of bedtime kids stories and rhymes. For more kids moral stories and fairy tales you can check our weekly updates and download the apps for free.

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