Potty Potty

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Product Description

Potty Potty is about fun loving infant Tommy, who loves to stay in diapers. He danced and jumped on his diapers. But Tommy had trouble when Mommy told there are no more diapers, and he should start using the potty.

The funny animated story illustrates how potty occurs to children for the first time or in case anything that is new for them. In this story, Tommy thinks the potty tub can swallow him, and he will be drained into the ocean when flushed. But he soon learns it’s a fun time experience and nothing happens while using the potty.

Help your kid change the diaper habit as Tommy’s mama did to him in this story. It is simple and fun, download the baby potty training app from Bulbul apps. The bedtime story app is interactive, so your kid can touch to animate and learn the things at his pace. Potty training app can be helpful to prepare your kid to learn how to start the habit.

Our entire collection of kids apps is free to download on Android and iOS platforms. In case you experience any trouble with the App or have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime: info@bulbulapps.com. We´d love to help you out. Please also mention your device version.


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