Mowgli & BulBul – Different kinds of Cute Animals

Mowgli & BulBul - Different kinds of Cute Animals

Mowgli & BulBul – Different kinds of Cute Animals

BulBul Inc.
Compatible with iOS 7 +


Reading out bedtime stories for your kids has never been easier before.

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Product Description

Bulbul apps take pride to present the classic Jungle book, a story of a Human-cub Mowgli raised by a pack of wolfs deep in the Jungle. This time, the story comes as a surprise, a tiny Bulbul bird accompanying Mowgli in his adventures. The little Bulbul and Mowgli are on a quest to find the cutest animal in the entire Jungle? Can they find the cutie and who is it? To know the answer, you should read the story till the end.

Discover the lush green Jungle with Mowgli and Bulbul in addition to the colorful birds, herds of animals and many more creatures at a swipe of your finger. The interactive storytelling unwinds a whole new level of bedtime storytelling to your kids. And the colorful artwork augmented with wonderful music, seamless animations and cutest renditions of your favorite characters from The Jungle Book Story is sure going to mesmerize the children.

The adventures of Mowgli and Bulbul is available in English and other regional languages. Feel free to download our Bulbul app for more free interactive bedtime stories for kids. Our app is compatible with Android and iOS platforms.


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