The Little Red Hood

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Reading out bedtime stories for your kids has never been easier before.

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Product Description

A little girl wearing a red hood wants to visit her sick granny. She travels through the forest, where a clever wolf lurks to eat her food and the girl. The wolf ran away when the little red hood scared him with her loud scream. However, the wolf is not to quit so easy, she reaches granny’s house before little red and awaits there to eat her.

What happened to the granny and the little hood, did they escape from the terrific wolf? To know more on that, download the little red hood story app free from Bulbul.

The little red hood bedtime fairy tale is an interactive e-story book designed by world-class artists, so your children can have a good bedtime story experience. We offer classic fairy tales and kids story apps for free at Bulbul. All you should do is to download our free app and choose your favorite children stories and rhymes from the extensive collection. Do check our weekly updates for interesting animated stories for kids.

The kids storybook is available for both Android 4 and iOS 7 versions. If you experience any trouble with the App or have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime: We´d love to help you out. Please also mention your device version.


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