Krishna & Govardhan Hill

Krishna & Govardhan Hill

Krishna & Govardhan Hill

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Little Krishna’s tales are fun and playful on the face of it. Whereas the stories are instilled with morals on every level. In this heroic tale, Krishna and Govardhan Hill, little Krish teaches Indra that one’s anger will never be fruitful and duties should be fulfilled without any expectations.Krishna returns home after playing with his friends when he heard his father and few people talking about worshiping Indra. Krishna was keen knowing why to worship Indra because he was just doing his duties by offering rains. He convinced his father along with the whole village instead of praying Indra, worship Govardhana Hill, and the cows. Indra was furious with the people for listening to little Krishna and punished the land of Vrindavan with heavy rains and terrible thunderstorms that submerged entire land. Read on to see how Krishna fights off Indra’s anger and miraculously saves Vrindavan from an intense storm.

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