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Reading out bedtime stories for your kids has never been easier before.

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Product Description

The sun is going down, and the stars are out and shining. Mama wants to put the baby to sleep, but the little baby still wants to hide and seek. Its time for bed is one of the many animated kids stories from the baby series including baby bath time, baby’s first zoo and many more. The interactive series explores the world of kids and how they perceive every new thing they come across.

In this bedtime story, Mama looks for baby to put her to sleep. The moon is looking from the window, and the birds are already asleep, but baby still wants to play. Mama wants to talk to the baby; she wants to play with her, sing to her and cuddle her before she falls asleep. The e-book features melodious music, with joyful baby smiles and narration playing in the background.

Download its time for bed bedtime story and be it a reason for your kid to take a quick nap. Our app comes with touch-screen interactions, with hidden animations to surprise your little one. The world-class animations and eye-catching beauty of the graphics will sure serve your purpose of a nice bedtime story.

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