The Emperor’s New Suit

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Product Description

Flip through the tale of a vain emperor and two swindlers who claim to weave a magical cloth.

In a far away kingdom there was a negligent emperor, who cares for nothing except for his clothing. He changed a dress every day and never wore a suit twice. One day, two weavers from the distant land came to his court and claimed to weave a cloth he had never seen. In fact, the magical cloth they weave is so fine that no fool or an unfit man can see it with their eyes. However, the truth is that nobody knows the two weavers are swindlers, and they came to get the emperor’s gold.

Find out if the emperor wears the invisible suit and put on a show? Follow the story and download many more free kids bedtime stories and rhymes from Bulbul app.

Read the emperor’s new suit in English and other regional languages. We constantly strive to improve our storytelling experience by adding more languages and quality to our apps.

Bulbul apps have an extensive collection of moral stories and kids rhymes your children will love to read. All our story books are made interactive with colorful and attractive animations by finest artists from many countries.

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