Different kinds of Cute Animals & their Sounds

Different kinds of Cute Animals & their Sounds

Different kinds of Cute Animals & their Sounds

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Reading out bedtime stories for your kids has never been easier before.

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Product Description

Introduce your little ones to the world of Animals with Bulbul apps. We are sure, your kid by no means knows much a thing about Cow’s moo or where a pig lives. With this storybook, he can learn about how these animals live and what their sounds are. We know kids will sure enjoy learning about different kinds of cute animals and their sounds, howls and growls amassed in this story.

What kind of Animal am I, is a fulfilled storybook with various pet, domestic, farm and wild animal characters and their behaviors. The pretty characters and colorful drawings mesmerize children at the first look. Just tap on the screen to play the animation or listen to the name and sound of the animals.

With animal sounds app, learning is made fun for children. We made sure to employ every trick in the book to have your kids learn while they play. Our Animal sound app is a blend of interactive features and world-class animation compiled as an e-book application. So that kids can learn things at their pace and flip over the pages as many times as they want to read.

The storybook of cute animals and their sounds is available in English. You can download the app for all iOS versions including the latest iOS 7. In case if you experience any problem to download free rhymes for iOS. Please feel free to inform us anytime: info@bulbulapps.com. We will soon get in touch with you; do not forget to mention your version of iOS while writing to us.


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