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Cinderella is a beautiful young girl oppressed by her stepmother and her two evil sisters. They are so jealous of her beauty that they made her do their chores and never allowed her to leave the house. When the prince of the land called for a ball to find a perfect girl, the fairy godmother turned Cinderella into a beautiful princess up to the midnight. Somehow, she was late at the ball and lost her glass shoe in the rush. The prince kept the shoe and swears; he will marry the girl that fit the shoe.

Download the Cinderella story and find out how the prince found the girl. Know what happened to her stepmother and the two evil sisters as the story proceeds.

Cinderella-princess story is a timeless classic folktale that engrossed the kids over centuries. The life of Cinderella transforms in the story from confronting unjust circumstances to gain reward for being nice to the evil sisters.

Bulbul interprets Cinderella story with an interactive edge, hidden animations and flip page features. Our intent is to offer fun-filled bedtime stories for kids to understand and learn the stories at their pace. Cinderella app is free to download on iOS and Android phones.


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