Bulbul Apps Library – Bed Time Stories and Rhymes for kids

Bulbul Apps Library - Bed Time Stories and Rhymes for kids

Bulbul Apps Library – Bed Time Stories and Rhymes for kids

BulBul Inc.
Compatible with Android 4.0 +, iOS 7 + & Windows 8 +


Added New Book- What is it- Sea Turtle.

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Product Description

Kids like to listen to bed time stories when they go to bed. They get bored of same stories told by parents. If you are running out of imagination, download the app and get access to numerous bed time stories, books, rhymes with sub titles and narration reading.

BulBul App offers variety of interactive stories and rhymes that are beautifully animated and elegantly illustrated which will improve your kid’s skills. Our bed time stories, moral stories and animated stories are user friendly and attractive, making the best kids learning app in the store.

Our app fosters various skills that are important part of kids’ learning process: Reading, Writing, Listening, Language Learning, Logical Thinking, Problem Solving, Creativity, Curiosity, Interpersonal & Social Skills.

The app offers wide collection of children stories all around the world and are updated regularly with new books. Each book is created by writers, artists and animators from all over the world on a unique collaborative platform with care and love.
There are different kind of characters used in the books like Krishna, Mowgli etc to tell the moral stories. Graphics, beautiful animations, professional narration, music create a beautiful ambiance around these characters making the kids learning easy.

**How to use**

• Download the latest version of app
• Select you favorite category in the app
• Select the story book you like to tell your children
• Download the book and you are ready to tell the story

Download more books and you can read the books, even when you are offline.

**Key Features**
• Wide Collection of Local and International Content**
• Most Loved App By Quarter Million Parents**
• Millions Users On YouTube
• Digital Library Anytime Anywhere
• Download Once & Enjoy It Offline
• No Ads
• Featured In Google Play Family Category
• Ranked Among Top 5 Kids App
• Interactive Stories- Mobile’s First Media
• Multiple Language (English/ Hindi/ Telugu)
• Best Animations And Artists Work
• Quality Time For Your Kid
• Shift Focus From Gaming
• 30 Days Free Subscription
• Hassle Free Reading
• Stories at Fingertips
• Playful Learning
• All Time Favorite Stories
• New Book Every Week


• Awarded By Red Herring- Top 100 Asia
• Awarded By Silicon India- Startup Of The Year
• Awarded By Fundamentally Children- Good App Guide

**Categories and Titles**

If your favorite is Mythology we have a category with beautiful little, naughty, adorable Krishna in it. Pick stories from our wide range of categories such as
• Fun Learning
• Baby’s First
• Bulbul’s Originals
• English Rhymes
• Hans Christian Andersen
• Princess
• Aesop’s Fables
• Folk Tales
• Indian Mythology
• Grimm Brothers



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