Boy Who Cried Wolf

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Product Description

The boy who cried Wolf is a tale of a mischievous shepherd boy trying to fool the villagers. Every time he is out in the woods to graze his sheep, the brat cried Wolf! Wolf! Frightened villagers rushed to rescue the boy and learned they were misled by him time and time again. They stopped to believe the menace anymore. However, one day a wolf really entered the grazing lands and this time the shepherd boy seriously cried for help! What happened next?

Download the boy who cried wolf bedtime story to find out what happened to shepherd boy when he faced the real wolf. The story is funny and entertaining, yet it teaches the moral values not to make false claims, but you will lose everyone as a cost.

Bulbul apps animated bedtime stories are interactive and come with vivid graphics and realistic sound effects that bring life to the stories. The book is available in English and soon to be translated into many other regional languages.

The kids storybook is available for both Android 4 and iOS 7 versions. If you experience any trouble with the App or have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime: We´d love to help you out. Please also mention your device version.


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