Baby Likes Pasta

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Product Description

Discover the world of the baby and her day-to-day adventures with Mama

Baby loves playing with Mama, and she is her best friend. When it comes to eating food, Mama makes the tastiest pasta for the baby. Food time is wonderful with Mama; they play together and crack jokes while enjoying a tasty meal. The little one does much baby talk and of course, mama can make out what she is talking about. She is quick to add a twist to baby’s play and turn it into a wonderful feed time.

Baby likes pasta interactive kids story is from Bulbul kids app. The animated story book is fun at the same time teaches about various animals and their sounds.

Bulbul kids app presents baby first animated stories, taking us into the world of the cute baby and mom. The bedtime stories deal with the world of the baby and her mother. Download our free app to check out the baby first kids animated stories. Our kids apps are available in English and other regional languages for free download.

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