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Product Description

The baby is going for a bath in the tub, and it is the first time she is doing that.

Experience the baby’s world of imagination while mommy is trying to teach her how to take a bath in the tub. She is scared if the tub is deeper than an ocean and the water is hotter than the sun. She just can’t take it until Mama helps her out.

The free baby bath time story is a beautiful feeling every mother and child come across. Find out how mom shatters the little baby’s fears about the bath tub and turns every scariest imagination into a playful experience. The monstrous bubbles became her beard and hat and on the whole, the warm bath is an entirely new experience in the baby’s day.

Try the free Baby bath time learning app. Who knows, it may help your little one enjoy her bath. The interactive story is one of the many stories about the baby and her everyday adventures. Find out more animated kids stories and rhymes for free on Bulbul apps.

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