Adventures Of Krishna & Kaliya

Adventures Of Krishna & Kaliya

Adventures Of Krishna & Kaliya

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Krishna is a naughty and playful boy. But, he leaves no monsters behind when it comes to teaching a lesson to the evil. In this story, little Krishna battles with Kaliya; a five headed venomous serpent that made its home at the bed of river Yamuna. The ruthless snake starts poisoning the water and terrorizing the people of Vrindavan, until Krishna decided to come down on him. He jumps into water and fights Kaliya. No wonder the serpent quickly retaliates and turns Yamuna into a fierce battle ground.

Quiet an adventurous tale to share with your children, isn’t it? Download our free app and read on Adventures of Krishna and Kaliya to know how naughty Krish tackled the black serpent and saved Vrindavan in this enthralling kids story.

Hang on with Bulbul kids learning app and check out our frequent updates on tales of Krishna. A segment dedicated to the stories of little Krishna and his eternal adventures in Vrindavan.

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