Is the new jungle book movie safe for kids?

Is the new jungle book movie safe for kids?

Walt Disney’s latest visual wonder, The Jungle Book is out worldwide and the flick continues to draw more audience every day. The movie is much spoken about its stunning visuals, amiable fauna, adventures of human cub Mowgli and the breathtaking 3D & live action sequences.

Despite its huge success, some parents are concerned about the PG rating accounted for some fierce live action animal battles and menacing wild creatures. All of that boils down to the question, “Is the new jungle book movie safe for kids. ” ?


The recent CGI Version of Rudyard Kipling’s classic storybook has

  • ferocious animal attacks throughout the movie
  • Characters are continuously at war with nature, famine, forest fire or with other animals
  • threatening in verbal form
  • bloody wounds and
  • huge python coiling Mowgli to swallow

The young audience may find the scenes of fierce predator Shere Khan pretty scary. Besides that, the movie also includes few sad deaths which your kids may not like to watch.

“Shere Khan is a menacing and frightening character, intent on killing Mowgli. His face is covered with burn scars, which are shown several times in close-up”, says IMDB’s Parents Guide on this movie.

For those kids who are already aware of The Jungle Book, the vicious sequences may not hit hard as for the first time audience as preschoolers and toddlers.

Contrarily, the Jungle Book has its share of upsides –

  • The movie speaks volumes about the value of friendship;
  • It is fused with positive messages on numerous occasions and a number of scenes talk about courage and teamwork that grips the young audience with the cinema.
  • It is filled with wonderful visuals

Commensense Media which is a much respected kids content reviewer certifies this movie is

‘Great for families’ and recommends this for ages 9+.


It is recommended for families to have a healthy discussion with the kids after watching the movie. Few interesting points can be

On a whole, Jungle Book is a wonderful movie for families. Families with younger children who are less than four years old should be extra cautious and should definitely talk to the kids after the movie to ease them out of the intense and gripping drama that’s inherent in the story.

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