Save Your Kid’s Privacy from an Internet of Things on Web and Apps

Save Your Kid’s Privacy from an Internet of Things on Web and Apps

The Internet proliferated to a scale where it is virtually impossible to disconnect yourself from its global presence. While many parents worry about their children’s limitless access to the internet, it is equally important for them to offer the merits of the web, while strictly minimizing the risks. Through this article, we bring you few working tips which can help to keep your kid’s privacy safe.
The first thing you should know about online privacy is your kid has two types of privacies. One is his personal privacy which is your child’s online reputation. And the later is the consumer privacy which is the information that a website collects from your kid while his interaction with it. Although websites can access much of the information of their users, parents have control to restrict certain portions of personal data from the companies.

Privacy Settings
Your kid’s online privacy starts with strict privacy settings on websites and Apps. Make sure to establish your privacy preferences when you or your kid signs up on a new app or a website or when you first provide your information on a new digital device. Keep a close eye on the personal information you are asked during registration and follow the directions throughout the setup phase. You can gain more control over your privacy settings such as Location sharing or posting on social media sites on your behalf by changing the existing settings in the sections marked

Although it is virtually impossible to read every bit of infinite terms and conditions panel while you sign up a form on the web. It is good to tell your kid to read the points where they are providing personal information like email address or checking a box and where is the website making use of such data.

Teach online behavior
Out of the natural enthusiasm to play a game or use an app, kids provide every bit of information the website asks them. Personal information as address, telephone numbers, and date of birth need not be shared with every site.

To stop your kid giving away the information generously on the web, teach them a good online behavior and let him distinguish the information he should allow websites to access and what is the limit. Tell them, why he should limit posting his picture online and what can be possible impacts. You should also tell him about the data he should not share while chatting sessions or in comments on social media. Let them know that once his information is on the World Wide Web; he can never have control over it.

Access sites with COPPA restrictions
According to COPPA (Children’s online Privacy Protection Act), websites and Apps dealing with children’s targeted interests should not collect data from kids under 13 years without his parent’s concern. The legal restrictions are effective in helping to protect the consumer privacy of your kid and also ensure your kids are using apps and websites those are appropriate to their age.

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