Easiest ways to monitor your kid’s online activities

Easiest ways to monitor your kid’s online activities

Call it nosy or inquisitive when someone is too curious in people’s matters. But, when the matter is about your children, don’t take it as guilt! It is the duty of the Parents to look into where the kids are putting a lot of their time into.

If your children access appropriate stuff as story apps and kids learning apps it is all right. But, the mind of a young child is vulnerable and easily prone to the internet of wrong material out there on the web. And with the dedicated digital devices with your kids, it is almost an unlimited access to every form of information readily available. There is an alarming need to have control over the information your kids see and use. And here are the ways how you can monitor and protect your child from unsuitable material.

Create an internet account to your child

Windows Users:

The advantage of having a dedicated account to your child is gaining more control over what material your child should access and much more through Family Safety Settings. Through these options, you can easily monitor the content your children are watching. You can also limit and set the time of usage through the child’s account. Blocking inappropriate content, applications is easy to handle and you can also receive weekly reports to know where your kid is spending most of his time on the web.

Mac Users:

In case you and your child are using different Mac machines, there is a unique method you can pry on your child’s browsing activity. Parents can directly share their kid’s device screens to their Mac devices and monitor the Child’s activity.

To share the screen sharing, follow the steps below

Log on as Administrator on your Child’s Mac

Go to preferences > > Allow access for > Administrators

Now, open your Mac device and go to the Finder and select Go

Network to see your child’s Mac > Click on share screen to see the activity.

Third Party Software:

If you want to take the child monitoring to a step further, there are a bunch of monitoring software and apps that can help you to track your kid’s online activity. You can choose to download the free software. But a paid service always have an extra edge of monitoring which allows you in censorship, time limit, data limit and implement your home rules.

CYBERsitter is five-star monitoring software for PC that can be used at Homes, Schools and Colleges. It allows a whole new level of customization for every user at home, enabling access to important sites as defined by you. Download and try the 10 day free version of CYBERsitter before you pay for the service.

Tablets and Smartphones:

All tablets are shipped with Parental control settings, which work similar to their PC and Mac counterparts.

Mobile Spy is one such monitoring app with a great number of features. The paid app is compatible on Android, iPhone and Blackberry. To know more details and features about Mobile Spy app and your phone’s compatibility information, Click here

If your kid has a personal smart phone, make it a habit to back up your kid’s data on your computer once in every fortnight. With this, you are most likely to know which apps is your child is using, check the phone calls and track the messages your child is sending.

GPS Tracker:

A common tendency in some children is to isolate themselves from the family while using the devices. They don’t want anybody around them while playing or involved in their online activity. This habit can be a little challenging to the parents to monitor the content their child is accessing.

GPS tracker apps like GPS Tracker by FollowMee is helpful to locate where your kids have been and to know their spot location. The app quietly records its location from time to time and prepares a map with the tracked information. To monitor the position of your kid, you can track from your PC or your Smart phone. Through GPS Tracker you can monitor multiple phones from your single registered account.

Click here, to download the GPS Tracker app on your Android

iPhone user can download a copy of FollowMee GPS Tracker here

To learn how the app works, watch the introduction video

Remember, the apps and features are intended to keep your child away from the wrong material on the internet. But, don’t get too involved in prying every step of your child’s activity. Let him have room for his privacy on the internet.

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