From Books to Interactive Apps – Digitalizing classic Indian stories and mythologies

From Books to Interactive Apps – Digitalizing classic Indian stories and mythologies

Technology, without a doubt, has made a substantial impact in every corner of our lives. It became an integral part of our daily routine. Similarly, parenting is also enriched through introducing mobile apps for kids. And India is one of the many nations, where kids learning apps are widely used.

At Bulbul apps, we understood the need of having a unique model of kid’s story apps for India. Our aim is to fulfill the needs of today’s generation, yet holding firm to the roots of the culture. Therefore, we transformed the best Indian stories and mythologies into interactive bedtime story apps. Few of the Indian kid’s apps from our chest are

Adventures of Little Krishna:



It is the first time, little Krishna’s adventures are compiled in the forming of interactive bedtime story apps. Bulbul has a dedicated section focused on Krishna stories. Some of the free Little Krishna apps are

Mowgli & Bulbul (The Jungle book apps)


We all know Jungle book as the story about the Human-cub raised by a pack of wolfs deep inside the jungle. We added a twist to the story, adding a bulbul bird in every journey of Mowgli. The funny Indian story is one of the best Indian bedtime story apps you will find. Below are the free Mowgli jungle book apps available at Bulbul

Tuk Tuk apps:


Introduce your kid to the famous monuments, lifestyle and cultures of the well-known cities of India with the Tuk Tuk apps. Tuk Tuk is an Auto-rickshaw which wants to see the biggest cities of India. He makes new friends in every city he goes. The app is fun filling and informative about every city of India. Check our collection of Tuk Tuk apps for more

To download more free kids story apps, check out our huge collection of learning apps, fairy tale apps, fable apps and Indian mythology apps. Besides the Indian stories, our collection has a vast number of classic story apps and bedtime story apps from all around the world. All our apps are made interactive and touch friendly, so your kid can flip the virtual storybook and learn ever page at his pace.

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