The Benefits of Storytelling for Kids – How can you improve your child’s cognitive and linguistic skills by storytelling

The Benefits of Storytelling for Kids – How can you improve your child’s cognitive and linguistic skills by storytelling

“There have been great societies that did not use the wheel, but there have been no societies that did not tell stories”

The art of storytelling is as old as the Human Civilization. From the day, the Cave man drew the art on the walls to today’s interactive story experience. Generations have discovered numerous methods of telling a story. Every culture and every civilization have its set of stories, predominantly teaching the generations of kids about good living and lessons of life.

Even after centuries, the art of storytelling hasn’t lost its sheen. In fact, it is muscled with the technological advancements which added more glitters to the gold. With the ever increasing demand for digital devices like smartphones, iPads, and Tablets, interactive storytelling came much closer to access for the kids.

May it be a story told by Grannies or an interactive bedtime kid’s app – regardless the form of storytelling, it is always exciting and beneficial for kids to listen to the stories. Studies reveal, besides the fun part that kids love in the stories, there is a host of advantages in storytelling which stimulates the motor cortex and brain functioning.

Here are some of the advantages of storytelling for you

Enhanced Vocabulary:

Reading or listening to stories helps to improve the vocabulary and linguistic abilities of children. Stories stimulate the natural tendency of questioning in children. Kids come across an ocean of words while reading or listening to a story. Their curiosity leads them to find the meanings of the phrase to help them understand the story better. Parents can explain the meanings of the words and how it suits well in the narration. Otherwise, encourage your kid to refer a dictionary to find the meaning. This will further support him to retain the word for a long period.

Improves listening skills

Many studies conducted across the world proved that during the infancy period children start to grasp most of the words and recollect them throughout their life. Later, this knowledge will help to encourage the listening skills in children.

Storytelling plays a vital role in controlling the rambled talking, which is natural in children. Yes, kids love to talk more rather listen. This is usually understood in the classrooms and while playing at home. Storytelling helps to inculcate the habit of listening in Children. It provides them essential training to listen and reason the stories which will further enhance the child’s cognitive skills.

Storytelling on Apps and digital devices

In the past few years, storytelling has taken a big leap, coupled with the technological advancement. The advantage of the Internet, digital devices, and interactive abilities proved to have extended the number of benefits than the traditional story telling.

Kids are quickly grasping the interactive activities. Another advantage is the creative edge that gives life to the characters. The low side of the traditional storytelling is its limitations to project the images of the scenes and characters. Whereas the latest methods bring the whole story, events and the characters alive, that enhances more imagination and creativity.

Cultural Roots:

In this age of globalization, many parents worry for not able to bring up their kids to their cultural roots. By sharing the stories of your culture, you will introduce your children to the cultural roots and make him slowly understand how cultures evolved over a period of centuries.

It is equally important for parents to discern what kind of stories your kid likes most. And make sure, your stories are not monotonous to keep the children’s spirit alive.

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